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Impartial Design

14 May
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My name is May and impartialdesign is my friends-only graphics journal.

Impartial Design specializes in making simple, uncomplicated but high quality graphics through bases, icons and banners. The focus of my inspiration comes from models, incubus / brandon boyd, john frusciante / red hot chili pepers, fashion editorials, runway shows, the cobra snake crew , fantasy movies and novels.

All of these can or will be found somewhere throughout this journal.
As of right now, this community contains
- 215 Bases / Icons
- 1 Banner

If you want more places to find me, you can always check out my personal journal.

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Rules The number one rule of this journal is to CREDIT. I don't even care if you comment (but it's nice), as long as you credit. It's not because I want the credit, it's because I know how annoying it is when I see an icon I like and the idiot who is using it didn't credit the creator so I can't find the source of the graphic.

You can credit me by doing the following

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that's it. :)

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+[Bad username: ?] ...

If you want to apply to be an affiliate, please comment here.

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If I am using something of yours and you are not listed on the resources list (which can be found here.) please leave a comment and let me know.

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